Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A whole lot of haulin...

Sunday afternoon was a glorious time.  
It was so warm, almost hot.  
The sun came out and the children started begging to go out and play, and I can't say no to that for I was itching to get out myself.  
I've been reconsidering my garden space ever since I looked at all the seeds I have, and then looking at the little garden room I really do have.
So it began, the Spring expansion I have been planning all winter.  
I began hauling more rocks left by the previous owners.  They had rock walls that were not properly put together so their rock walls were falling every so often upon my strawberries and raspberries.  I moved these to the area where I was going to make our biggest garden bed to outline it and keep the kids and dog out of the area.  
Then I sent the kids on a mission.  
I had collected boxes all winter to the point were we didn't have a garage, we had a box storage area.  The husband was complaining about the vast quantity of boxes everywhere.  
The kids' mission was simple...get the boxes and bring them to me.  
They did this as I tore the boxes apart and placed them where I wanted the garden to be.  Then I placed the rocks around the border on top of the cardboard.  
After this, the kids and I dug the finished compost out and hauled wheel borough after wheel borough of compost to the new garden.  I saw worms a size I have never seen them before.  They must have been getting fat on the richness of the soil.  
They made new pencils look tiny.  
W. caught some of these and fed them to the chickens who would delight in playing tug-o-war with them.  
I still need some more soil, so I may dig up some of the soil from the last place we mobbed the chickens to destroy grass.  
It should be very rich due to the free fertilizer the chickens deposited for us there.  
Our next mission:
Potatoes and onions need to go in!
(Pictures will be added after the sun comes up...
if we ever see the sun...
it is Pittsburgh after all (famous for the lack of sun and overabundance of clouds and drizzle.)


  1. I'm so jealous of your big fat worms. Mine are few a far between, a testament to how far we've got to go with our soil. I to am a cardboard-a-holic, always grabbing the boxes.

  2. Pittsburgh weather is wonderful. I hate when the sun comes out. I once heard a weatherman say that there are only 65 true days of sunshine here in this lovely town of ours.

  3. I think expansion is the theme of the season. I can see more ground to be broken also. So you plant your potatoes in April? I think I may wait until May but 50 pounds of assorted potatoes in my refrigerator is taking up way to much space.

  4. We are not so much planning on planting the potatoes right now, just getting their bed ready for the eventual planting. 50# of potatoes...I love potatoes, but I think I would go into carb shock should I have that many to plant and eat the product!

  5. I second Jane's comment. We expanded are garden area once again. I'm not complaining, we do like to eat and these boy's of mine are never full!
    Have a beautiful Tuesday.

  6. The garden expansion is necessary...these kiddos love to eat veggies...and have you seen the price of good fresh veggies recently? Plus, how can you beat the educational aspect of from seed to seed as well as the concept of where food comes from, stewardship of the earth, composting, and all that having a garden entails, hard work, work ethic and all...

  7. Wow!!! I am only still thinking about gardening this year. I am way behind obviously. So excited to get started!! Thanks for the inspiration!


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