Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy birthday... me!
Remember being little...
Birthdays couldn't come fast enough.
I was mad because March had 31 more day for me to wait.
My mom always made my favorite...carrot cake.

Now things are different.
I turn 30 today.
My hair is slowly turning gray (I blame C...most of it came as soon as she became mobile.)
I have responsibilities.

To me, it's hard to believe I've left my 20's behind...
A lot happened in my 20's.
I finished two degrees.
I got married.
Bought a house.
Had two kiddos.

Oh well, maybe my 30's will be equally splendid.
But for different reasons.


  1. Happy Birthday! Oh, to be thirty again. I have to say that I think the 30's are a great age---enjoy them. I hope you get to eat carrot cake today.

  2. Happy Birthday City! I'm an April baby too (end of April) but I'm on the far side of of my fourties. Gray hair ain't the half of it, sweetie. Just wait till you see your Mom looking back at you in the mirror.

    Aaaaah! (grin)

  3. Thank you for your kind look at my mother in the mirror would be wonderful...she's quite the lovely lady...and is always mistaken for being about 15 years younger than she is!

  4. Happy birthday - I will turn 30 this year too! I'm jealous that you started going grey so late... I've had those pesky grey hairs since I was 19! I look like Rogue from the X-men - a nice grey streak right in the front. lol.

  5. Happy Birthday! Take it from your big sister...30s are even better than 20s! You have alot to look forward to!
    hope you have a great day....

  6. I'm sure your 30's will be a whole lot of wonderful. Happy Birthday!


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