Monday, April 4, 2011


Things that happened this weekend...

::sleepover parties
::birthday parties
::impromptu dinner with friends
::my husband and I cranking out harmonies our old Dylan tunes and some bluegrass
::scraping down stalls
::breaking in a new chainsaw
::next year's firewood falling
::delivering last fall's sweet cider to make good on a barter
::catching up with friends after winter hibernation
::live trad music at a local tavern
::the first ice cream cone of the season

Things that didn't happen...

i could make a long list here...but after reading the above, i hate to tarnish all that good stuff with things that will just have to wait until tonight, or tomorrow, or whatever.  I guess if it didn't get done, it must not have been all that important. 

Take a second to think about one simple and great thing that you did this weekend.   Smile.


  1. I think I remember seeing a photo of you all playing music. What are you playing. Love Dylan and love bluegrass. I just signed up to take fiddle (violin) lessons. I have been wanting to for years, and now is the time.

  2. One (maybe not soooo simple) thing that I did this weekend, was manage to put all my kids to bed, by 10, all by myself. My husband was at a class, and bedtime is no easy feat around here with 4 kids! I was pretty darn proud of myself.



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