Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chewy Granola last

Over our little get together over Christmas, my sister dropped by our parents house and dropped her kids off before a grocery shopping trip.  She asked if there was anything I needed that I couldn't get back in Pennsylvania...
I have always had a weak spot for blueberry toaster cakes.  I love those things.
They are a sweet sticky cornbread pancake type thing...
studded with blueberries...
Just the memory makes my mouth water.
 But then came a warning from my sister.
You think you may like them, but if you have one now, they have an awful chemical aftertaste to them.  Keep them perfect in your memory and try to concoct them yourself or you will really regret it.
Then my husband said he recently had a similar reaction to chewy granola bars.
He said that they taste weird now to him and he wishes he could have one.
That put me on a mission.
Make homemade granola bars without the chemical aftertaste.
Well, I am proud to let you know...I have the solution.
Got to try them.
I was, at first, a bit worried over the massive amount of honey (1 cup) as not everyone appreciates honey in the household, but as I had bought a gallon of honey about a year back, I figured it's one of those things I should use
(despite the fact that honey found in ancient Egyptian tombs is still edible...)
And let me tell you, I was not dissapointed.
Follow the basic recipe using 2 cups of mix ins and you will be in bliss.
I used 2 cups mini chocolate chips.
But I do have some sunflower seeds in the freezer.
Also recommended is replacing half of the butter with peanut butter.
Just go with this one.
Make them.
They need their time to set up or they crumble.
I cut and wrapped them up the next day for lunches and on the go snacks.
And they are scrumptious.
And they do not have a chemical aftertaste.
So lets see... 20 granola bars (leading natural brand as I did use good quality ingredients) will set you back about $16.
The regular national leading brand will set you back about $9.
So here's the breakdown
Oats (organic bulk)- $1.16
Butter- $2.00
Honey- $1.80
Flour (local organic)- $0.22
Chocolate Chips- $1.00
vanilla (homemade) and baking soda (bulk)... negligible...cents worth
$6.18 for 20 bars or about $0.31 cents each and these are much much much x1000 much better for you.
And cheaper (unless you are a coupon queen.)
And you don't get a wonderful chemical aftertaste.
Husband and Child approved.
I will try to get a picture once the second batch I've made this week cools properly...
This batch is made with half butter, half crunchy peanut butter with flax seed puree and chocolate chips.


  1. I was just thinking about making granola bars! I can't wait to try these :D

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  3. These sound like a recipe I need to try. Anything with chocolate makest that list. Thanks for sharing. Had to delete my message my fingers are not working tonight.

  4. Hello Sisters!

    I don't think you know me, but I have been reading your blog for awhile and I love it. Therefore, I've selected you as a winner of The Liebster Blog Award. Check it out:

    Have fun!!


  5. Oh I will have to try this recipe! I have been looking for one for chewy granola!

  6. Hi sisters! Thanks so much for sharing the granola bars! They're some of our favorites, too. If you re-toast them with the directions under "transformations" in the post, they stay together even better. They're also a centerpiece in my eBook, Healthy Snacks to Go. I'd be happy to send both of you a review copy! Email me at kitchenstew at
    :) Katie


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