Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homemade Hopes

When November 1st rolled around, I got to thinking 55 days until Christmas.  Things get complex this time of year as more people "drop in" and special shopping trips made.  
I want simplicity.  
Not only do I want it, I want it desperately...I need it.  
I am always amazed at people who seem to be able to "do it all" and it is often a topic of conversation between myself and other moms I know.  It always seems as though others are able to have perfectly clean homes (without leaves, half eaten snacks, and school work strewn about) and are able to enjoy reading books while creating the most crafty crafts, cooking from scratch four course gourmet meals, while looking perfect and by the way, their kids are perfect too.  Oh, by the way, they knit a sweater a day.  No, that is far from my life...I do find leaves in the house, half eaten snacks, and school work everywhere I go.
Not that I'm a slob, I just have other things I find important like picking a peck of dried beans from the vines before things get too frozen out there...
Well, the kids and I were talking the other day...see they WANTED...no NEEDED junk XYZ.
And I said no.
If you really want it, ask Santa.
(He's the man around here now.)
As for mommy and daddy, you get nothing between now and Christmas from those people...
(Well, maybe some stale bread and water if you are really good...)
and by the way, how about making things this year?
"Just like Laura and Mary?"  Said W.
Doesn't this go against my simplicity edict...
As I see it, no.
Instead of running around from store to store spending time away from the family trying to find
We can spend time together crafting things for daddy.
During nap time, I work on C's top secret gifts (W. gets a kick out of knowing a secret.)
And, during those early morning hours I work on W's gifts, and C gets to keep a big secret.
There are lots of secrets at our house right now.
I find my son values the hat I made for him last December.
So I am making presents for my family this year.
And the kids are getting in on the act.
I am also spending some special one on one time with each kiddo working on items for members of the family.
So some things I plan on showing here, and others I cannot for it would spoil surprises.
So last week I had W. all to myself.
We had to go to Occupational Therapy.
I worked on C's present while watching W. do his work.
I got so much done...
I used this pattern to create a lovely (and the simplest ever) pair of little kid socks.
I made some changes.
I used lion brand wool ease in a worsted weight.
I used size 10 dpn.
This took the baby size up to a 3 year old sized boot sock.
They are easily manipulated to fit whatever size.
I am currently working on W's pair of really big boy socks using the same changes.
I am also adding on a few inches of leg to his because he needs higher socks to protect his legs.
Oh and did I mention extra inches on the foot area as he has huge feet (that don't stop growing.)
Now my knitting class girls are into the secret.
They watch how to use dpn...the ultimate goal for many of them as they think they look terrifyingly difficult.
I will post pictures later, but I have too many lurkers at the current moment.

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