Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The past two nights I have gone to do the last check on my 8 year old  (which I am slightly ritualistic about and have been doing now for...well...8 years) I have been met with a beautiful sight.  She, squeezed tightly but surprisingly joyously into her twin bed with her 4 year old sister.  They share a room (even though they each have their own) and they share a bed (even though there are two beds in that shared room).  I guess years of co-sleeping wear off hard.  They both love the company of each other in that tiny bed.  But wait, I digress.  Moving past just the lovliness a mom experiences watching her children just sleep after a long and crazy day, my 8 year old has, is it?, yes, tucked under her drooly face, .........a book!  It has happened.  That moment when reading becomes a joy, a passion, an addictive behaviour.  When she walks around with her thumb tucked into the spine and retreats upstairs for some quiet time to finish those last couple chapters in her hammock.  I am so quietly happy for her and her new found love.

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  1. That is a wonderful moment, indeed! I remember sneaking a flashlight into my room so I could read under the covers long after I was supposed to be asleep...reading became my life-long obsession and so harmless compared to what other kids get up to. Good for you, this doesn't happen by accident.


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