Friday, October 14, 2011

...and I'll laugh

I get my morning coffee and cut open a biscuit that I made yesterday.  Upon it I have put the dredges of strawberry jam put up in June, a bit of rose hip jelly put up over a year ago yet it is still as sweet and full of citrus flavors as it was the day it was canned, and some locally made butter, sweet and deep yellow as only butter that had a grass loving cow behind it can be.  But then something distracts, phone calls, quarrelsome children, or the realization that it is almost time to go hither and yonder for one program or another. I'll remember how many little old ladies stop to tell me to savor the times when they're little for it goes too quickly. 
And so is life.  

Enjoy the simple pleasures while you can; savor them for their time is fleeting.  I try to enjoy the most mundane of tasks...feeding the chickens, baking fresh bread, making applesauce...for their time is fleeting too...the chickens will peck and go play in the rain, the bread will be consumed, the applesauce will be canned for a dinner in January where picking apples with friends will  be remembered and laughed about.  C. will tell of how she picked so many apples that she broke her backpack...W. will tell of how he ate so many that his baby teeth wiggled...and laughter will be savored as well as dinner and I will try...I'll try to remember these fleeting days that hurriedly I tried to pack a whole fall into jars, freezer bags, and cupboards...I'll try to remember W's jack-o-lantern smile and the quivering stuck out lip of C.'s dismal realization that her backpack burst at the seams with apples... 
...And I'll laugh.


  1. Lovely post.
    Time passing lets everything seem a bit more humorous than it was at the time.

  2. I read this and teared up. And then I laughed. Enjoy making the memories! I'm enjoying reminiscing. Thanks for reminding me to do so!


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