Thursday, August 1, 2013

Detox, continued!

So, after doing a week of the sugar detox, I have decided to stop and revisit the challenge once the baby is born.  My body kept getting weaker and weaker, and it wouldn't be smart for me to continue at this point.

Technically, I stopped on the 7th day.  Since then, I haven't noticed a significant increase in my energy level, or improvement with fatigue symptoms, so it is hard to tell if the problem is due to a pregnancy issue or the diet.  Either way, I am increasing my whole grains and natural sugar intake.  More of a Paleo approach with approved grains and fruit.

J, on the other hand, feels great!  He has stuck with it and is doing amazing!  A quote from his mouth directly... 

"It's really working for me and that is the only reason I am commited to it. I can't remember ever having this much energy and feeling full all the time. So far this is what I noticed (but I also added T25 and shakeology at the same time, so I am not sure which to give credit to)...
-I literally feel like my metabolism is making me hot all morning
-I get out of bed no problem and feel great consistently for over a week (this never happens)
-I can do a ton of work and not feel hungry
-I cut wood for 10 hours, working very hard and lifting a lot and I did not have the usual aches I get in my right elbow and one of my knees if I work half that time.  I did not take any medicine.
-I eat a ton of calories and fat and loose weight and I eat 5-6 times a day
-I love most of the foods on this diet and am happy to sacrifice the ones that are not allowed because I can eat a lot of what I like."

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